Hello Python World ! This is Krishnan :)

Hi to All Python Lovers out there !!!



I am Krishnan making my entry into blogging about python.

That’s me above with my favorite programming language’s logo and wearing Pycon TShirt:).

I have been using python for the past 5 years for Test Automation. I have spent the time writing frameworks, scripts for testing the Device Under Test using Python. Now I am eager to explore the vast applications of Python. I have decided to touch each and every application in python and check out which suites me better. My exploration is going to start from Core python programming to Web development using Django, Flask. Game programming using pygame to Network programming. I am also going to blog about my experiences on the same. So guys out there please welcome my blog and guide me during my first steps into Python programming and blogging.

More to come in my blog. Keep tuned to it 🙂

– Krishnan

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